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Electric Wheelchair Maintenance Tips

The term “Maintenance” means any task performed to ensure that a medical device is in good working order and ready for use as intended. Maintenance encompasses different areas, such as everyday care and cleaning, inspection checks, repair tasks and refurbishment.

Have your vehicle checked once a year by Solutions Mobility in order to maintain its driving safety and roadworthiness.


Cleaning the mobility device

When cleaning the mobility device, pay attention to the following points:

  • Only use a damp cloth and gentle detergent.
  • Do not use any abrasive or scouring agents.
  • Do not subject the electronic components to any direct contact with water.
  • Do not use any high-pressure cleaning devices.



Spray or wipe disinfection using a tested and recognised product is permitted. A list of the current permitted disinfectants is available from the Robert Koch Institute at


Inspection Checks

The follow lists inspection checks that should be performed by the user and their intervals. If the mobility device fails to pass one of the inspection checks, please contact us.


Before each use:

  • Check the correct function of the signal horn.
  • Check that all lights, such as turn indicators, head lamps and tail lights, are functioning correctly.
  • Make sure the batteries are charged.



  • Check that armrests are firmly attached in their holders and do not wobble.
  • Check that the tires are undamaged.
  • Check that the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.



  • Check for damage and wear.
  • Check whether the legrests can be fixed securely and whether the loosening mechanism is properly operable.
  • Check that all adjustment options function properly.
  • Check that casters rotate and swivel freely.
  • Check that the drive wheels rotate without wobbling.
  • Check all cables for damage and all connecting plugs for snug fit.


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