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Five Youtubers you need to start watching

Some of us are still in lockdown and all of us have more time on our hands. One thing a lot of people are doing is watching more YouTube. We’ve put a list together of five Youtubers that we think you should be watching right now. Some are funny, some inspiring and some are educational. Take a look at the list below:


Zach Anner

Zach, who has cerebal palsy, is hilarious and has a number of videos with fairly random themes.


Epsen Johnson

In his own words, Epsen’s channel will give you “mostly opinionated comedy vlogs with short skits sprinkled in for that extra bit of weird”.


Tiffany Ntanos

Tiffany is a quadriplegic after a tragic pool accident and started her YouTube channel to teach other wheelchair users and the general public.


Squirmy and Grubs

Shane and Hannah post inspiring videos challenging the stigmas surrounding people with disabilities and relationships.


Chronically Jaquie

Jaquie shares videos to raise awareness for chronic illnesses and service dogs.

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