We can deliver any of our items anywhere in the UK, via insured FedEx delivery, and items are usually dispatched next day if payment clears before 12 pm.

We have a variety of chairs in stock including powered wheelchairs, powerchairs with power options, mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs.

Feel free to visit our warehouse, call us on +44(0)7875 295 500 or email us at solutionsmobility@hotmail.co.uk.

First, check the cables on the battery. Tighten any loose ones and clean them too. Dirty cables might be the main cause for the batter power loss. If that doesn’t help, next check the battery charger. If it’s visibly damaged it may not charge the battery fully. If the charger is in good condition, the next step is to contact us or a technician.

Mobility scooters are extraordinarily cheap to run. Charging the battery overnight will cost you around 10p.

Specialist insurance is not (yet) a legal requirement but public liability cover will give you peace of mind in case of any mishap.

Battery size will depend on the distance you would like to travel.

Battery care is very important. Most mobility scooters need a full eight-hour charge after use; charging for a shorter time reduces the life of the battery, as will overloading your scooter or wheelchair with shopping bags or other heavy items.

A battery should last from 18 months to two years with average use.

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