Types of Chairs We Stock

This section varies from light, foldable electric wheelchair/powerchairs through to heavy duty road legal machines capable of up to 8mph. They come in front wheel, mid-wheel and rear wheel drives versions. Powerchairs can also have an array of options such as electric risers, tilt in space, back rest reclines, electric leg rest adjusters and lighting packages.

  • Powered Wheelchairs

    Powered wheelchairs come in many different varieties, indoor, transportable or road legal. Finding the right drive can influence the type of chair suitable for you, below is a list of the drive options:

    REAR WHEEL DRIVE (RWD) enhanced stability and maneuverability during outdoor travel, when driving over uneven terrain or climbing obstacles. Intuitive to drive, these powerchairs often offer powerful suspension systems, high drive speeds and numerous drive control options.

    FRONT WHEEL DRIVE (FWD) provide a little extra muscle when climbing kerbs or tackling off-road terrain. With a leaner turning circle than a rear-wheel-drive electric wheelchair, you can achieve tighter cornering for greater maneuverability indoors. As there are also no front castors, your feet are kept closer your body, so you can get closer to desks and other objects easier than with other powerchair drive bases.

    MID WHEEL DRIVE (MWD) are extremely responsive and have the smallest possible turning radius for the best indoor accessibility. Often with sophisticated suspension systems, a wide range of seating systems, take your independence (both indoors and out) to the next level.

  • Powerchairs with Power Options

    Deciding whether you require a chair with power options can be daunting, below is information on the different types available


    Power Lift
    Up to 30 cm (12 inch) elevation, the power lift function can open up new worlds and possibilities for wheelchair users. The benefits of this added option are many here are just a few Independence: The lift allows you to live more independently making accessibility to the things you need and the things you love to do. Reaching light switches, cupboards and counters much easier. Social interaction: The lift makes social interaction much easier and more enjoyable. Chatting at a more even level with give your days or nights more enriching and positive experience.

    Power Tilt
    This is a great feature as it allows you to stay comfortable in your seating for a longer period of time, while reducing the likelihood of pressure sores and other side-effects that may occur by being seated for too long.
    Power tilt is also extremely useful for when descending steep slopes, as it puts more weight on the drive wheels, increasing stability. It also gives confidence to the driver when descending steep slopes as it also reduces the lurching feeling and reduces the risk of overbalancing. The reverse of this means that wheelchair drivers must be sure not to ascend inclines when the power chair is tilted.

    Power Recline
    Power recline allows for postural adjustments and weight shift. For many of our customers, reclining their power chair greatly benefits the comfort and independence, enabling people to stay seated for longer while also reducing the risk of aches, pains and pressure sores.

    Powered Leg Rests
    There are two types of powered leg rests; centre mounted footplate or swing-away leg rests, both provide pressure relief and circulation issues. Combined with a back rest recline can provide a near horizontal position.
    Our chairs come with a variety of options in different combinations, if you require a specific combination then we could assist you in your request.

  • Mobility Scooters

    Choosing your mobility scooter

    One of the first questions you should think about, is "what do I need my mobility scooter for?" Will you be using it occasionally simply for shopping trips, or day-to-day for longer journeys?

    Mobility scooters are available in three and four wheel models. The three wheel models have the advantage of a tighter turning circle and often more leg room.


    Different scooters suit different user weights and can carry up to 40 stone.

    Scooter manufacturers calculate the range under ideal conditions, i.e. user weight, flat terrain, with no use of accessories such as lights etc. However, compartment space permitting, batteries can always be upgraded to give a better range if need be; allowing you to tailor a scooter with the right range to suit you.

    You should also consider what type of terrain you plan to use your mobility scooter on. Does your mobility scooter need to be able to cope with higher ground, or high kerbing?


    If you require a mobility scooter which can handle rougher terrain, you should consider the larger types of machine with larger wheels. A more sturdy scooter is likely to stand you in better stead for off-road journeys or uneven country paths.


    Alternatively if you feel this is not a consideration, then the medium and even small mobility scooter may be a better option.


    Travel scooters
    Lightweight, foldable

    • Usually small and compact, folding away easily for storage or transportation. 
    • Ideal for indoor or light outdoor use. 
    • Some examples include: Pride Go Go Traveller and Sterling Little Star.

    Class 2

    • Medium-to-long range travel in greater comfort. 
    • Legally, these scooters can travel up to 4mph on pavements and footpaths, and are not allowed on the road, other than to cross from one side to the other if it is safe to do so.
    • Some examples include: Sterling S400 and Pride Colt.

    Class 3

    • Suitable for longer distances and rougher terrain. 
    • Class 3 vehicles tend to be larger in both stature, battery capacity and tyre size and can be used on the roads, where they can travel up to 8mph. 
    • Include lights, indicators, a horn, a rear view mirror and rear reflectors. 
    • The law requires Class 3 vehicles to be fitted with all of these features and registered with DVLA (road tax required) in order to use on the road.
    • Some examples include: Sterling S700, Van Os Galaxy, Pride Colt Pursuit.
  • Manual Wheelchairs


    Rigid wheelchairs are ideal for active users who know what they want in a wheelchair. With fewer movable parts, most of the energy from the push on the wheels is translated into forward motion. Highly responsive, rigid wheelchairs are ultra lightweight and offer precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.
    Eg Quickie Helium Pro, Argon2

    Folding wheelchairs are a great option if you have changing needs or if you are looking for a portable option. Their folding frames collapse for easy portability and are highly adjustable and ultra lightweight.
    Eg Quickie Neon2, Xenon2 FF

    Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs are designed for a variety of positioning needs. The tilted position helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.
    Eg Quickie Iris


    Often used in sports like basketball and tennis, they feature the very best materials to ensure you’re at the top of your game.